A downloadable game for Android

Choose your color and challenge your friends in fast and intense duels on the same screen with Swift Touches. Defend your points by responding promptly when your color appears and fake your opponent to make him lose his. And defeat any challenger with your swift touches!

  • 2 players
  • Local versus
  • Fast and intense duels
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Dynamic Soundtrack
  • Simple and refined graphics


  1. The game needs two players to play it. Each player owns one half of the screen.
  2. Among the 6 colors, a color is picked by each player. The 4 other colors are neutral.
  3. Each player starts with 10000 points.
  4. The winner is the first to drop the other's points to 0.
  5. Each player has a gauge which indicates his color and the amount of his remaining points. The gauge is located to the right of its owner.
  6. The match starts with displaying a neutral color.
  7. If a player touches a neutral color, he loses 1000 points.
  8. After 1 second of displaying a neutral color, another neutral color or a player color will be displayed.
  9. As long as a player color is displayed, its owner loses 1 point each 1 millisecond.
  10. A player color cannot be changed except when it gets touched by one of the players. A neutral color is displayed then.


final.apk 20 MB

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